The more the merrier: Introducing our brand new “Fruiti” slot series


Despite the old saying that sometimes less is more, when it comes to slots, players always appreciate a bit of variety. That’s why we’ve prepared a unique series of 4 classic slots tailored to every gaming mood!

Very similar on the first look, the gameplay varies with each version of Fruiti. Players can choose a game that will match their style or mood. The simpler versions are a basic 5-payline Fruiti or 10-payline FruitiX, while FruitiXX and FruitiXL offer 20 and 40 paylines.

All set in a different flaming background - red, blue, green or purple, the games feature Scatter symbols, and all except "Fruiti" also a Wild symbol, which includes the signature SYNOT “crown” in its design, making our brand easily recognizable. The “extra-large” FruitiXL is played on a 5x4 grid format and also features Stacked symbols and Wilds.

Fruiti’s the first slot series we’ve developed so far. Our main goal with it is to offer variety of the beloved fruity theme and become a provider with a truly comprehensive portfolio. All games are simple yet contemporary with a sleek design and are a perfect choice for all seasoned slot lovers as well as “newbies” looking for a classic game that never disappoints.“ adds Matej Sopóci, our Chief Product Officer.